The Kabbalah Energy diagram                                       The Kabbalah Tree of Life


The Kabbalah Energy diagram... is used to interpret your learning tasks.
The idea behind this diagram
is the following: before your incarnation, the soul chose certain tasks for this life that
it wishes to learn and fulfil. We are given the necessary energy in order to fulfil these learning tasks. However, we still have our free will and we can say:   
I don’t want to learn that!
It is precisely for such cases that the soul has warning signals. These warning signals are physical and psychological afflictions or illnesses which want to tell us:
“You’re doing something wrong!”.

This Energy Diagram shows in a graph the tasks that your soul has chosen. It displays where non-implemented energy will make itself felt as abnormal sensations, as a clear indication to your soul that you are thinking and acting wrongly.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life... is the central diagram of Kabbalah, from which further information about a person’s soul may be gained.
The Tree of Life is a graphic representation of the 10 original forces of the universe. In the analysis, the Tree of Life is consulted for 3 significant statements. From your first name/forename, surname/name at birth, and your date of birth, your life topics will be calculated and described: your topic of origin, also known as karma, which reveals to you the purpose of your current incarnation; the topic of transformation, which describes the strength of character with which you should approach your life tasks; and the objective topic, which shows you which tasks your soul has set as its objective. These 3 topics will guide you and accompany you throughout your entire life.