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The Kabbalah Life Analysis Anmeldung
Business for you? / Kabbalah Life Analysis by Thomas Haessle

What is the Kabbalah Life Analysis

Kabbalah is an ancient teaching about life itself and the connection with God. This knowledge has been handed down through millennia and was for a long time seen as a secret doctrine. Today, this knowledge is available to us and can provide us with valuable advice. The name Kabbalah is of Hebrew origin and means tradition.

How does Kabbalah life analysis help you?
Irrespective of religion, nationality or origin, the Kabbalah life analysis conveys universal principles. It helps to understand why in our lives there are unpleasant situations and circumstances like illnesses, relationships, financial problems.
The Kabbalah life analysis deals with all areas of life, such as health, relationship, profession and helps to understand ourselves better

Using the numerological mysticism of Kabbalah, your name will be deciphered and your learning and life tasks will be revealed to you.
These could be, for example:
-“To be loving rather than self-opinionated”, or
-“To give into your love of life”, or
-“To develop a bright spirit” . .
If these are neglected, the disruptive effect of the energy that has not been used positively will then be felt as illness or as problems.

When the soul is no longer listened to - the body starts to speak!
Instead of fighting the illness, it is now possible to use the knowledge from your personal Kabbalah Life Analysis to tackle the neglected learning tasks more consciously and to put them into practice. The energy is thus used in the right way and the illness deprived of its foundation!
Your personal Kabbalah Life Analysis will reveal to you:
- What learning tasks you have and what these entail,
- How and where you will be alerted if you neglect to put your objectives into practice,
- What your topic of origin (karma) is,
- Which strengths you should work with,
- Which objective topic your soul is striving for.

What is the extent of this analysis?
When you order a Kabbalah Life Analysis you will receive a bound A4 book (40 - 50 pages), generated and printed for you personally in accordance with the numerological mysticism of Kabbalah. It contains colour pictures and detailed explanations which precisely describe your life tasks, your energy influxes and your learning tasks in all contexts. This book will either be sent to you by post or as a PDF document to your email address.

Relationship-Analysis/ Subject-Relation-Analysis/ additional Analyses
You can have Relationship Analyses drawn up for your relationship with your partner or with other people. Also with subjects like Companyname, place of ressidece, theme....
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You will be simply astonished by this book created for your name and by the appropriate statements it contains. You will be given valuable information which will help you to understand your current situation and consciously improve it!

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