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The Kabbalah Life Analysis Anmeldung

Recommendations / Feedback

Here is a small selection of feedback from customers who have ordered their analysis and work with it.

"Thank you very much for sending me my personal Kabbalah Life Analysis. It's exactly what I need at the monment, it helps me going on ... Am happy to see that I'm on the right way already." M.S. from Marbella, Spain

"The Life Analysis was very helpful to me...Thanks for your time and insight....Tina from Highland, California USA"

"Dear Mr. Hässle, thank you ever so much for this valuable source of information! How astonishing - it literally opened my eyes for the solution of my problems and helped me to add more spirituality to my daily life. By the way -you were right, Paypal is the easiest and quickest means of payment from overseas.
Kind Regards from Down Under, Francis M., Canberra, Australia"

"In modern world, we are all subjects to tons of information everyday. Most of the time, useless information. But, as we are overexposed to information, we lose our natural ability to listen to our inner source of information. And the Kabbalah-Life-Analysis allows us to stop and clearly "listen". So, after reading the Analysis, we can have a very clear and detailed blueprint of ourselves. Most of the time, I found it to support some things that I have already thought, but never payed atention to. The Kabbalah-Life-Analysis is a wonderful opportunity to turn off all the external noise and listen our internal message.
Thanks." J. V. from Deerfield Beach, USA

"I did find my Kabbalah-Life-Analysis interesting, helpful and accurate in its description of my character. I could relate to what was written in it. I was happy to discover that I had already learnt most of my life lessons, though I learnt them the hard way. It gave me a better understanding of my soul's yearnings and purpose, which was a mystery to me earlier. I found that my spiritual purposes were so different from the things I was going after in my life. It has helped me make better choices in my life. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is seeking to know their real self better.
Best regards, N.D. from Bangalore, India"

"My personal Kabbala-Life-Analysis was a gift - and as a matter of fact it is a true gift in any sense! It empowered me to go ahead with things I sensed already, but wasn't sure about. It left a point where earlier was a question mark, and this gave me the strength to continue with my full potential in my life and personal tasks. Wonderful!"
A.L. from K. in Germany

".. It is simply wonderfull, to finaly found a explanation of my change of thoughts and the beginning of the gradual, inexplicable change within my consciousness in written form. I was unaware of the fact that the soul has such a lifeplan. I only knew that something had to change and today I clearly know my direction and goals. I am growing in my spirituality, am led by my inner voice. I recognize immediality through small pains, which path of suffering wishes to teach me.
I can only say... absolutly recommendable.....:) Kindest regards K. B. from W."

Kunden-Referenzen der Kabbala-Lebensanalyse von Thomas Häßle
Recommendations / Feedback

"I am most astonished by the Kabbalah-Life-Analysis and I really found myself in many details. The Kabbalah-Life-Analysis is very revealing concerning my life."
P.A.-S. from Germany